Driver Prospectus


The Racing Series

The V6 Euro Pickup Series has been created for racing drivers by drivers who have over fifty years combined experience in the sport. The concept was borne out of a desire to create an all new Racing Series that would offer exceptional value for money combined with competitive and close racing that would be open to everyone from complete novices to professional drivers and also provided a platform for cost effective racing in a modern and exciting race car.

It was imperative to us that the series be relevant to drivers who want to progress up the motor racing ladder particularly as start point for those drivers who maybe seeking a career in the USA, or racing in any of the series that combine oval and road course racing.

With all that in mind the concept was conceived for the V6 Euro Pickup Series based in Holland at the half mile oval Raceway Venray in the Netherlands. The series will take place on National circuits including the world famous Spa Francorchamps, Zandvoort, Assen and Hockenheim Race Tracks and will also include four races on the high speed Half Mile Oval at Raceway Venray / Netherland. The V6 Euro Pickup Series will offer drivers exceptional value for money, with a full budget estimated for the season at around €32,000. The pickups will be leased to teams and drivers for the entirety of the season which negates the need for a massive initial outlay in the purchase of your race car, all parts, tyres etc. will cost controlled, readily available and purchased from the series coordinators direct.

The Racing Series Format

The series will consist of sixteen races run over seven race weekends where drivers will take part in two twenty practice sessions, a twenty minute qualifying session two thirty minute races giving a total track time of over two hours each weekend. The series will consist of a drivers and a team’s championship with substantial prizes for both, teams will race for a €10,000.00 prize fund while the championship winning driver will receive a fully paid weekend of racing in the NASCAR Wheelen Euro Series in 2021.

With the exceptional prize fund, world famous circuits and outstanding value for money of the series it is envisaged that we will run with a full grid of twenty Pickups in each race, we will always carry two back up vehicles as spares as well has having a spares truck on site with every part you could ever need.

Our July race at Venray will be part of the NASCAR Wheelen Euro Series event which attracts huge crowds and lots of media interest, the Pickups will provide a fantastic spectacle, spaces in the series will be limited so don’t delay, get your name down as soon as possible.

The Cost

The V6 Euro Pickup Series offers outstanding value for money and a lot of track time, making the series one of the most cost effective racing series in the World.

The Pickups will be leased to teams and drivers for just €7,000.00 for the entirety of the season, the vehicle is then free for you to do as much testing as you like, all running costs, accidental damage etc. will be the responsibility of teams and drivers but with heavily discounted parts and tyres running costs will be kept to a minimum.


One of the biggest and most frustrating costs in motor racing is accident damage whether your fault or not you are left holding the bill. The V6 Euro Series will operate a unique an innovative insurance scheme whereby drivers will pay a €7,000.00 bond before the first race of the season which must be maintained until the final race of the season, any accident damage will be deducted from the bond which must then be topped up before the next race. All bonds will be returned less the cost of any accident damage at the end of the racing of the season. Drivers will be permitted to arrange their own insurance through any of the specialised motor sport insurers if they prefer, details of insurance must be produced before vehicles will be allowed to race.

The Series Overview

Provisional Calendar

  • 22th March Assen 2 races
  • 11th April Zandvoort 2 races
  • 12th May Assen 2 races
  • 19-21 June Spa Francorchamps 2 races
  • 19th July Assen 2 races
  • 13th September Assen 2 races
  • 4th October Assen 2 races
  • 17-18 October Hockenheim 2 races together with NASCAR Whelen Euro Series

The V6 Euro Pickup Series represents outstanding value for money and an amazing amount of track time at just €32,000 (estimated) for sixteen races on such historic tracks, no other racing series in Europe comes close to matching this amount of BANG FOR YOUR BUCK, with their 325hp engines, mated to a five speed sequential gearbox, the super light Pickups which are based on the former BRL cars are absolutely sensational to drive and reward drivers with lap times that would embarrass much more expensive machinery.